Wiper Model T21

Benefits / performance

  • The installation of the multifunctional wiper blade is really easy and fast. It can cover about 90% of the vehicles on the market.
  • The spring steel design can adapt to different types of rear windows. The stainless steel liner puts pressure on the sweeping which makes it more balanced and more stable.
  • The high performance rubber formula that is heat resistant and cold resistant can work well with the different climates around the world
  • The rubber surface with graphite treatment resists ultraviolet radiation and operates noiselessly under long term conditions.
  • Main Support: 2 pieces of stainless steel, which is compatible to several windows curvatures, resulting in better vision

Available adapters



10 inch to 16 in


ISO9001:2008, ISO/TS16949:2009


1) Resistance and durability to any test
2) Has passed 72 hours salt test, anti-aging test and resistance test hot / cold.
3) Multifunctional, it fits almost all models of arms and rear windows.