Wiper Model S84

Benefits / performance

  • Rubber surface treated with graphite, it resists ultraviolet, heat and cold which extends the life of the blade.
  • Steel frame that is precisely adapted to the camber of the windshield to ensure thorough wiping.
  • Latest aerodynamic flow guidance design – Helps reduce noise and wind whistling. In addition, this ensures a more stable wiping, even when the vehicle is at high speed.
  • Reinforced grip and flexibility – Comes from the durable rubber substructure
  • Resistant to all temperatures – With a synthetic rubber blade that withstands extreme weather conditions.
  • Windscreen wiper designed to match all types of vehicles. 8 different adapters are included with this model.

Available adapters



AAA graphite-coated natural rubber, high carbon steel spring, metal


12 inch to 28 in


ISO9001, ISO16949, TUV, SGS, approved by GMC


1) Multifunction wiper, compatible with European models.
2) Monohull windshield wiper, without end caps.
3) Robustness proven to suit all weather conditions.