Wiper Model S64

Benefits / performance

  • Natural rubber created with the latest high performance mix that contains a water repellent coating. This ensures the absence of streaks and clearer visibility.
  • Gentle, wiping without jumps – resulting from the special blend of the graphite-coated rubber blade.
  • Reinforced grip and flexibility – Comes from the durable rubber substructure
  • Prevents accumulation of snow and ice – no exposed metal components.
  • Easy to install – Pre-installed with a J-Hook adapter and 3 / 16 SP clip.



AAA grade natural rubber covered in graphite, high carbon steel spring, metal.


12 inch to 28 in


ISO9001, ISO16949, TUV, SGS, approved by GMC


1) Compatible with '' J-Hook '' type arms and 3/16 SP
2) Monohull windscreen wiper, without end caps
3) Proven robustness suitable for all seasons